Maintenance Audit

Most Maintenance Operations are struggling with high emergency (unplanned) to planned work order ratio, huge backlog, lack of sufficient resources, constant work interruptions, not having parts when needed, recurring failures, and much more. If this sounds familiar, then you can definitely benefit from our Audit Program.


Our Philosophy and Method:

Our philosophy is simple; we look at the basics first. Work Process Flow, Preventive Maintenance Optimization, Planning and Scheduling, and Inventory Management. We identify strengths and weaknesses and offer suggestions for improvement. We send a Maintenance professional with over 25 years of process-improvement and CMMS/EAM experience to your site for a 2-3 day evaluation. Our team then spends 2-3 days off-site going over the data and producing our report. Moderately priced, the rate of return on your investment is very high.


Areas of Investigation:


  • Maintenance work process flow

    We review your entire process from start to finish. Our professional will sit down with different teams of personnel (at your facility) to get key feedback regarding the current process. We also walk down your entire shop/plant floor to look at the facility to help uncover areas that are unproductive, where delays are wasting time, and recommend improvements.

    Typically maintenance organizations use 80-90% of their time on unplanned jobs and 10-20% on planned (preventive included) maintenance. Our professionals can help you reverse those numbers and cut down on the amount of “emergencies” your technicians deal with daily.
  • Preventive Maintenance Optimization

    We review your existing PM program keeping critical assets in mind. We help optimize your Preventive Maintenance frequency – either increasing it, or decreasing it – saving you money either way. We also review your Preventive Maintenance tasks and optimize those.

    Depending on your workforce and current state of affairs, this Preventive Maintenance Optimization alone can help save 20% or more in your Preventive Maintenance expenditures.
  • Planning and Scheduling

    Your maintenance work process flow review will go hand-in-hand with your planning and scheduling review. We have found that most facilities have little or no planning and scheduling processes in place. We help institute meaningful practices that will turn your facility from a reactive mode to a proactive mode. The type of activities identified and corrected with this process are unnecessary travel, lack of parts and tools information on work orders, and lack of instructions etc. Upon completion of this phase, a typical work order (unless it is true emergency) is not dispatched until it is properly planned.
  • Inventory Management

    We help you get organized! We’ll show you how to better manage your inventory, identify obsolete and excess inventory (and turn that inventory into positive revenue!), and give you key solutions to better work with your suppliers to help you save even more money and critical work space. We’ll also show you how to work with Reorder points (ROP) and Economic Order Quantities to reduce cost in your inventory dollars.

    Our evaluation, when successfully followed, can help shave 10-30% off of your annual inventory dollars!
  • CMMS/EAM (an audit of your current or future technology)

    Whether you are looking to add CMMS/EAM to your facility, or are investigating if you are using CMMS/EAM to its full capacity, our Audit gives you a customized report on ideas to help improve your bottom line.

    Facilities that are contemplating the addition of CMMS/EAM will receive a detailed report with professional recommendations about the correct CMMS/EAM system required for improved facility optimization. It will also outline the specific steps required for successful implementation, and will present important information about CMMS planning strategy - specialized to your facility.

    One of our recent studies shows – up to 94% of companies don’t use CMMS/EAM to its full capacity. Our professionals will identify key areas where improvements can be made to boost your usage and efficiency.

    The following are areas that our team will review to improve your utilization to an 80-90% level (or better) if applicable:
    • Equipment structure and hierarchy within CMMS/EAM
    • Equipment and part and number schemes
    • Equipment and part description strategies
    • Work order description strategies
    • Equipment and work order prioritization schemes
    • Parts and purchasing methods
    • Current Reports vs. Desired Reports
    • Monitoring and controlling maintenance costs using your CMMS/EAM
    • Compliance Issues
    • Interfacing to other systems (building control, etc.)
    • Adding mobile technology
    • Adding bar-coding/RFID

Contact PEAK Industrial Solutions today with questions or to schedule your Maintenance Audit.

Moderately priced, a typical Audit takes 2-5 days. The rate of return on your investment is very high.