Maintenance-Excellence Program

World-Class Maintenance



Most maintenance operations are struggling with a high emergency (unplanned) to planned work-order ratio, an excessive backlog, a lack of sufficient resources, constant work interruptions, not having parts when needed, recurring failures, and much more. Stalled productivity, lost compensation, and a less-efficient facility are only a few of the consequences suffered when proper maintenance is botched, ignored, or unplanned.


PEAK Industrial Solutions will help your operation achieve maintenance excellence by implementing a value-added and cost-effective maintenance-excellence program that will maximize the performance of your maintenance operation.

Work Process Flow


A flawed work process flow causes, among other things, a large number of interruptions, leading to an excessive backlog.

PEAK will review your entire process from start to finish. Our professionals will sit down with different teams of personnel (at your facility) to get key feedback regarding the current process. We will examine the entire shop/plant floor in your facility in order to help uncover areas that are unproductive and to determine where delays are wasting time, and we will recommend improvements.

Typically maintenance organizations use 80-90% of their time on unplanned jobs and 10-20% on planned (preventive included) maintenance. Our professionals will help you reverse those numbers and cut down on the amount of “emergencies” your technicians deal with daily.

Planning and Scheduling


Maintenance operations present many unique challenges. Unexpected repairs, efficient management of technician time, and keeping up with preventive maintenance are just a few major areas that maintenance managers must address.

We have found that most facilities have little or no planning-and-scheduling processes in place. Maintenance planning and scheduling prioritizes and organizes work so that it can be executed in a highly efficient fashion. PEAK will help institute best practices that will shift your maintenance operation from a reactive mode into a proactive mode.

There are several benefits of effective planning and scheduling, including improved efficiency, cost savings due to efficient use of maintenance labor hours, and reduced emergencies. Asset longevity is improved and compliance requirements are met because preventive maintenance is completed on time. Effective planning and scheduling also helps reduce backlog.

Preventive and Predictive Maintenance


Based upon our experience of the last 25 years, we have witnessed many companies following the procedures that were entered into the system or developed 20-25 years ago. These procedures were captured from the original owner’s manuals, and the same procedures were being followed decades later. Equipment conditions may have changed, the age of the equipment has changed, and the facility’s environment may have changed, so many of these procedures may no longer apply or may require some significant changes.

PEAK will review your preventive maintenance programs, keeping critical assets in mind. We will provide guidelines to help optimize your preventive maintenance frequencies, either increasing them or decreasing them (saving you money either way). We will also review your preventive maintenance tasks and will provide guidelines to optimize them.

Depending on your workforce and current state of affairs, this optimization alone can help save 20% or more in your preventive maintenance expenditures.

MRO Inventory (Storeroom)


The storeroom plays a key role in the success of a maintenance operation. If equipment is down and it needs a part and you cannot find the part, the equipment could be down for hours or days. That is detrimental to equipment reliability and overall profits.

PEAK will help you get organized. We will show you how to better manage your inventory, will identify obsolete and excess inventory (and turn that inventory into positive revenue), and will give you key solutions to better work with your suppliers to help you save even more money and critical workspace. With proper storeroom organization, your maintenance operation has a very high chance of achieving the highest levels of equipment availability and reliability.

Our recommendations, when successfully followed, can help shave 10-30% off of your annual inventory dollars.

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)/Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)


One of our recent studies shows that up to 94% of companies do not use CMMS/EAM to its full capacity.

Whether you are planning to implement a brand new CMMS/EAM or planning to update your current CMMS/EAM, PEAK’s professionals will identify key areas where improvements can be made to boost your usage and efficiency.

Once you have the basics in place (work process flow, planning and scheduling, preventive maintenance, MRO inventory, etc.), we will determine the requirements of your operation and will show you how to use your CMMS/EAM to meet those requirements. If applicable, we will also help you introduce technologies such as mobile and barcode.

Bottom Line


A majority of maintenance operations operate in a reactive (“fix it when it breaks”) mode that results in a multitude of problems, such as inefficiencies, downtime, excessive backlog, constant work interruptions, and recurring failures.

PEAK will help your operation remedy these problems and achieve maintenance excellence (World Class Maintenance) by implementing a maintenance-excellence program that will allow your operation to operate in a proactive mode and to turn your maintenance into a profit center.

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