PEAK Industrial Solutions provides consulting in the following areas:

  • Improving Maintenance Work Process Flow

    Process flow is reviewed from the time a request is generated and the work order is completed. Improvement opportunities are identified and recommendations are made. The process helps a client migrate from Reactive mode to Proactive mode. A 20% to 50% productivity gain is typical.
  • Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

    Clients are educated on how to incorporate effective planning and scheduling with their Maintenance Work Flow. Introduction to Planning and Scheduling is a big contributor to productivity improvement.
  • PM Optimization

    PM database is carefully reviewed. PM tasks (activities), techniques, and frequencies are studied and analyzed for optimization. PM optimization offers significant amount of savings as "over maintenance" is typically overlooked.
  • Parts Inventory Control

    Organizing and controlling Parts Inventory can save 10-30% of your annual inventory budget. A typical parts inventory is between 1 and 10 million dollars. So, there is potential to save significant amount of money.
  • Interfacing

    Feasibility of interfacing to other systems such as Building Control, Purchasing etc. is investigated. Potential savings are documented and recommendations made.
  • "SAP" Plant Maintenance Implementation

    Following services are provided to SAP Plant Maintenance Module users:
    • Training
    • Consulting and Implementation
    • Data Entry and Data Transfer
    • Turn Key
  • CMMS

    Following services are provided to SAP Plant Maintenance Module users:
    • Specifying, evaluating and selecting the right CMMS/EAM
    • Data conversion and turn-key implementation
    • Data Entry and Data Transfer
    • Turn Key


  • The consultant performed an audit of our CMMS and work order – work flow system. After assessing our program, he was able to provide many useful recommendations for improvement to our maintenance program. Consultant’s insight in the area of maintenance planning, scheduling, and CMMS is greatly appreciated by Plains and I wholeheartedly recommend him for assisting any business in either starting up or optimizing its maintenance staff and CMMS.