Data Gathering / Entry

PEAK Industrial Solutions has been in the maintenance management service business for over two decades and provides the following services:

  • Data Collection (Data Gathering) and Data Entry Services
  • Preventive Maintenance

Data Collection (Data Gathering) and Data Entry Services

In the last twenty years in the United States, 80% of CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) implementation projects have failed. That is a significantly high number. One of the major reasons for this failure is a lack of resources for the data collection and the data-entry components of the project. We have seen many companies invest a tremendous amount of money to acquire a CMMS solution but ultimately not even implement it because they do not have the resources to collect and enter the data. That is where PEAK comes into play.

We do it all for you. Let’s make that a big, win/win situation: you do what you are good at, and let us do what we are good at. Let’s make a team. We want our clients not to be part of those statistics, so we send our people out into the field, be it a manufacturing plant or a healthcare facility; and we collect all of the data, including name plate, model number, serial number, etc. After all of the data is collected, we put it into a spreadsheet and, upon the client’s verification, enter that into the system. Accurate and timely data are crucial for management to analyze and make meaningful decisions.

Preventive Maintenance Procedures

Based upon our experience of the last 25 years, we have witnessed many companies following the procedures that were entered into the system or developed 20-25 years ago. These procedures were captured from the original owner manuals, and the same procedures were being followed decades later. Equipment conditions may have changed, the age of the equipment has changed, and the facility’s environment may have changed, so many of these procedures may no longer apply or require some significant changes.

We at PEAK review and revise all of your maintenance procedures, giving you up-to-date procedures that will work for you. We also have an extensive library of preventive maintenance and inspection procedures, so in cases where clients do not currently have any procedures in place, we will provide them with a starting point. We will review it together, the client will tweak it, and upon final approval, we will enter it into the system.

Turn-Key Jobs

When we finish, we provide you with a Turn-Key solution. What does that mean? It means that all of the data has been collected (including equipment, nameplate, etc.), preventive maintenance and inspection procedures have been verified by you, the procedures have been entered into the system, and the system then generates your preventive maintenance work orders on a weekly or monthly basis. All you have to do is perform the job and enter the results into the system. So with the very minimum amount of work on the part of your workforce, literally minutes per day, you maintain a system that is current, the current data is analyzed, and decisions are being made based on real time and good data.

All Information in One Place

We introduced the concept of a “Central Data Warehouse.” We firmly believe that for you to operate productively, all information pertaining to your maintenance operation should be in one place: parts that can be used on multiple pieces of equipment, owner manuals, trouble-shooting guides, maintenance procedures, facilities drawings, etc. Our experts help you accomplish that. When you are looking for a document, you are not wasting hours looking for a document that may be at someone’s home or someone’s office or maybe even lost. It is all in one place, and that is in your system.


Clients often ask questions such as, “How do I justify using outside services?” or “Aren’t they more expensive?” If you sit down and think about the whole scenario, what is a typical situation? Maintenance operations are usually involved in firefighting. You are there to maintain your facilities and your equipment and take care of the breakdowns, and you usually have a hard time coping with those situations. Typically you would assign data-collection jobs to one of your technicians who do that for a week or two and then may not have time to do that for a few months and then start over, do it again for a couple of weeks, and then not do it for months. The cycle goes on, and after a year or two you just abandon the whole project. This goes back to the 80% failure rate. We do not want to see our clients as part of those statistics. We have the experts to do all of this for you. In the long haul, we save you money.

Our Staff

We have experienced personnel, they are mechanical engineers, who are able to guide you through proper preventive-maintenance procedures, etc., and we also have IT (Information Technology) Experts who transfer data gathered most productively into the system.

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