Privacy Policy

PEAK Industrial Solutions, LLC (PEAK) does not share your information with any outside parties.

Insofar as online security, when you place an order on our page, the information you entered is encrypted and is not viewable or capable of being captured by anyone other than yourself. To ensure your privacy, we use PayPal who has an SSL certificate which becomes activated once you go to your cart. An SSL or Secure Socket Layer protocol was created by Netscape to ensure secure transactions between web servers and browsers. The protocol uses a third party, a Certificate Authority (CA), to identify one end or both end of the transactions. With the advent of e-commerce, SSL certificates have become standard on any website on which orders are placed and sensitive information is exchanged.

The aggregate information we collect is used for many different purposes in order to serve you better. Among these purposes are to improve the content of our webpage; to customize the content and/or layout of our page for each individual visitor; and to notify consumers about updates to our website. We will disclose personal data we have collected only when legally required to do so at the request of governmental authorities conducting an investigation; to verify or enforce compliance with the policies governing our website and applicable laws; or to protect against misuse or unauthorized use of our website. Certain information about you may be available to authorized distributors, who can view information regarding the product order history, names, and addresses of distributors or customers in their own downline, but payment information you may give us in the course of ordering our products will be disclosed only to necessary Customer Care Department staff to fulfill your order, and will never be available to an outside third party for any reason but a legal investigation.

PayPal policies in this matter can be found at:

Please let us know in case you cannot access above link and want to do so before placing order(s)