Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS/EAM)

PEAK CMMS features Web-based software that integrates maintenance, inventory, labor and purchasing to increase productivity and profitability. Reporting and follow-up features drive meaningful business decisions about equipment maintenance, staffing and the bottom line. New mobile applications take CMMS to a new level for on-the-go maintenance technicians.

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Why choose PEAK:

    • Experience. PEAK’s CMMS implementation team of Maintenance professionals represents more than 100 years of combined professional experience managing and consulting on maintenance department work flow, planning, scheduling and reporting. PEAK, as a leader in the field for 25 years, can help your business find the right strategy to optimize your CMMS.
    • Comprehensive services.PEAK’s unique CMMS solution covers all facets of maintenance management. We have the expertise to take your CMMS implementation from an initial audit of your needs to selection, implementation and follow- up. This way, you can meet all of your needs in one place.
    • Deep understanding of your needs.We understand the challenges and concerns that maintenance managers face. Because our team has actual field experience working in maintenance departments, we design CMMS that is easy-to-use for technicians and offers maintenance managers a powerful tool to raise productivity and reduce costs
    • Top management insight.We’ve worked with many CEOs and senior managers, so we understand their point of view. We can help you build a case for a new CMMS or an upgrade to an existing system that will demonstrate a positive impact to the bottom line.
  • CMMS Modules
    • Equipment. Keeps track of your assets. Standardize data entry (ID, Model, Serial Number etc.)
    • Preventive maintenance (PM). Establish regular notification and tracking of PM work orders
    • Work requests. Submit work requests. Create a system that allows access to the status of open and completed requests. That reduces lost productivity from duplicate work request and errors from verbal requests shared by phone
    • Work orders. Record actual time spent (labor), materials, tools and outside contractors to generate data for maintenance history
    • Work history. Quickly access compliance activities to prepare for inspections and audits.
    • Work Load Balancing. Ensure technicians have an even work load
    • Inventory control. Track stock for parts and tools. Create automatic requisitions when stock falls below a certain level.
    • Vendor.Save time by recording preferred vendors for parts
    • Purchasing. Create requisitions and purchase orders
    • Budgeting. Track costs to allocate resources and determine return on investment
  • CMMS Options
    In addition to the base modules, the following options are available for CMMS/EAM:
    • Mobile: Handheld System with Barcode: Record inspection data on-the-spot for fire extinguishers, doors and other equipment. Use handheld devices to collect data such as pressure, temperature, and oil levels of various assets. If there is any abnormal data, the system flags a warning.
    • Interface to other systems.
    • Custom Software Service. Tailor the system to your organization’s needs.
  • Training
    PEAK’s training sessions are interactive and encourage participants to bring real-world scenarios to the table. We offer on-site and off-site training.
  • Services
    We provide data conversion and Turn-Key Implementation services.
  • CMMS Benefits
    • Cost savings that result from better parts management, efficient work order scheduling and reliable compliance data
    • Identify non-value-added activities increase wrench time.
    • Make informed decisions based on meaningful reporting capabilities.
    • Establish preventive maintenance as a priority, rather than an afterthought. Regular maintenance extends equipment life and energy efficiency
    • Reduce errors because requests are submitted online, rather than by telephone
    • Limit crises scenarios in your maintenance department through proper planning and scheduling
    • Overall Cost Reduction
    • Improve equipment reliability
    • Energize Maintenance Staff