CMMS Mobile

What is CMMS Mobile?

CMMS Mobile creates a team between technicians and managers, allowing them both to do what they excel at. By sending technicians out into the field with a mobile CMMS, it allows them to spend more time in the field maintaining equipment and completing work orders without having to travel to and from a central hub.

They can take and record readings, order parts, receive parts, and close work orders all from the field. Managers then get that data instantly, because it is all transferred in real-time to their desktop. They can then use this data to make meaningful decisions and issue work orders, which will immediately be relayed to the technicians in the field. It works on standard handheld hardware and operating systems.

What Does it Do?

Mobile CMMS improves your productivity:

  • Equipment
    Technicians using handheld devices can collect performance data such as pressure, temperature, and oil levels, etc., on various pieces of equipment. They can also use this technology for performing and monitoring security checks and inspection routes, as well as collecting mileage and other meter readings.
  • Work Orders
    Managers can dispatch work orders on a handheld device. The technicians can perform the actual work with instructions from the handheld units. They can also use the units to enter details on time taken and work performed, as well as to close the work orders. All the information is transferred into the CMMS in real time mode. Managers can establish a completely paperless work-order system, if desired.
  • Parts Inventory
    This area offers some of the largest potential savings. Parts receiving, parts addition and depletion, cycle counts, and annual physical inventory all can be done very efficiently using handheld devices.
  • Barcode Technology
    Use of Bar code technology further enhances productivity.
PEAK Industrial Solutions is one of the pioneers in the use of barcode technology and CMMS mobile.

They had the first mobile system that worked with barcode technology in 1986.


There are many benefits to mobile technology but the most important is the amount of money you will save. With the implementation of mobile solution, you can save tens of thousands of dollars. People are often concerned with the cost of a mobile solution, but our model makes it affordable. Other benefits include:

  • Reduce time spent on paperwork
  • Order parts quicker and easier
  • Making the process flow more efficient
  • Take readings and track inventory from anywhere in the field
  • Ability to consult a full library of manuals and diagrams instantly in the field
  • Constantly updated, accurate information
  • Ability to work in conjunction with barcode technology


  • Taking route readings on a handheld has helped a lot, because instead of ending up with a lot of paper in files, we have information about our equipment that we can actually find and use. Mobility extends the power of CMMS tremendously