Seminars: Maintenance Management Training

Do More with Fewer Resources

PEAK’s in-house seminars actively involve participants. We listen to concerns and questions about maintenance department operations and devise solutions with attendee input in mind. Participants leave the sessions with fresh ideas that increase productivity for a more nimble and responsive maintenance department.

Seminar topics:
Return on Investment

    We create a productive maintenance workforce and save you money. Participating companies can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in improved productivity. The following are
  • key benefits derived from our educational training (seminars):
  • Cope with budget cuts in the downward economy. Companies are cutting budgets and maintenance is the first one to get hit. Maintenance Departments are asked to do more and more with fewer and fewer resources. Our training will prepare attendees to handle that environment.
  • Improve process flow. Our training will help attendees review their current work process flow, identify improvement opportunities and provide guidelines to implement those ideas.
  • Track and control parts Inventory. A company can save 20% to 30% of their annual maintenance dollars by improving parts inventory. (Typically, an individual plant will spend between 1 and 10 million dollars on parts).
  • Optimize preventive maintenance (PM). Either you are doing too much or too little PM. Either way, you are losing money. We can show you how to make your PM procedures work for you.
  • Curb global competition. By increasing the productivity of your maintenance operations, you can fend off global competition.
  • Improve safety. Make your operations safer and save substantial costs by preventing accidents and avoiding medical costs.
  • Manage regulatory compliance. More and more organizations have to deal with regulatory agencies such as the Joint commission, EPA, OSHA, and FDA, to name a few. Our training helps organizations meet compliance issues and avoid costly penalties.
  • Improve equipment quality and reliability. Equipment that runs better requires fewer repairs.
  • Reduce downtime. Eliminate wasted time searching for parts or responding to inaccurate work orders by effectively tracking parts and procedures through CMMS.
  • Monitor and improve employee productivity. See at-a-glance what work orders have been completed and arrange schedules to fit changing needs.
  • Reduce outside contract work. Eliminate hefty contractor fees from your budget.
  • Provide better service to other departments. Fulfill requests and work orders more efficiently.
  • Monitor/control maintenance costs. Ease struggles with maintaining budgets.
  • Reduce clerical costs. Automate manual processes to save resources.
  • Increase overall productivity and profits. A properly run CMMS will cut costs and focus technicians on the work that counts.
Benefits of Training Conducted at your Facility

Plant Operations/Maintenance departments are faced with technological challenges, and the best way to keep technicians at the forefront of their fields is through a program of continuing education. The most cost-efficient and cost-effective way to accomplish this goal is through in-house training.

Key Benefits

  • Train all personnel at one time and in one location
  • Seminars can be customized to focus on the needs of the company
  • Encourage cooperative problem solving
  • Employees spend less time away from the job and incur less travel expenses
  • Lower costs per employee with increased productivity
  • Key personnel stay on-site
  • Programs presented by recognized experts in the field
Mission Statement

"Convert complex material into practical, simple to understand ideas that can be instantly applied".

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  • Reduce cost and Improve your maintenance efficiency.

    Are you struggling with a high ratio of emergency (unplanned) to planned work orders, a huge backlog, a lack of sufficient resources, an inability to balance the work load, constant work interruptions, not having parts when needed, recurring failures, and much more. In these lean times, when more is expected from fewer resources, having a highly efficient maintenance program with thoughtful planning and scheduling is the key to success.

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  • The class was terrific and the team has a number of action items going forward. The instructor did a great job of helping us to understand what questions we need to ask to move our projects forward. I would highly recommend this class to any company looking at integrating a CMMS tool into their operations.
  • The training not only went well, it went extremely well; exceeding what I was hoping for. The trainer did an awesome job. His knowledge and background of the subject matter is extensive, and his process for imparting the information to the attendees was highly effective. He engaged the class, quickly assessed where the class was on the subject, and taught the material in a way the class could relate to. The class respected the trainer because of his knowledge and the way he related to the class, and as a result everyone learned a lot.
  • This was the most knowledgeable instructor on this topic that I have experiences. He was also very current with technology. This course exceeded my expectations. I have been involved with PM for 17 years directly and as a supervisor. This is the most detailed and practical PM course I have attended.