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"Keeping current is easy and inexpensive with PEAK Webinars."

Update your knowledge and skills from the comfort and convenience of your office or conference room. No need to spend time and money traveling to seminars. We bring professional development to you

PEAK offers the following webinar topics:

We'll also customize a webinar for your organization based on your demographics, concerns and challenges.

What is a webinar?

These one-hour sessions are taught by PEAK's CMMS and Maintenance Management experts. PEAK's team represents more than 100 years of professional experience managing and consulting on maintenance department work flow, planning, scheduling and reporting.

Webinar participants attend the sessions from their own offices using a computer, Internet connection and a phone. Attendees view the speaker’s PowerPoint presentation during the talk, and they interact with the instructor throughout the webinar or during a question-and-answer session at the end. PEAK’s webinars are interactive and aim to offer solutions to real-world problems and challenges.

Benefits of webinars:

  • Save travel time to off-site seminars and conferences.
  • Save transportation costs.
  • Save hotel and meal costs.
  • Use cost savings to offer training to more staff members.
  • Eliminate planning for colleagues to handle your workload while you are away at training sessions.
  • Avoid the dread of returning to the office to piles of work and email after taking time away to attend training.
  • Contribute to sustainability efforts in your organization by eliminating the negative environmental impact of airline or car travel to an offsite seminar.
  • Retain more information with more time before and after the webinar to prepare and review the material.
  • Stretch your training budget by spending less on travel to offsite training.
  • Immediately apply tips and new information on the job.
  • Interact with the speaker through lively question-and-answer sessions.
  • Capitalize on this cost-effective method of updating your skills by signing up for multiple webinars throughout the year.
  • Gain the insights of seasoned maintenance management experts without leaving your office.
We understand your needs

PEAK's team of CMMS experts understands your needs. We can tailor a webinar to address your challenges and concerns. Because our team has actual field experience working in maintenance departments, we understand how to gain management buy-in for CMMS and other maintenance projects, and how to develop powerful tools to raise productivity and reduce costs.

Please call 847-780-6414 to register or schedule a Customized Webinar


  • Learn some tips/tricks to more effectively conduct/manage a maintenance project.
  • I learned how to actually use our system in ways that will help me be a better planner.
  • I learned that there are tools available (CMMS etc.) to manage plant maintenance.
  • These tools, or similar, can be used to better manage my maintenance projects.